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Artists around the world have been invited to participate in the Worlds Biggest Social Media Treasure Hunt. Together the volunteers and this growing list of artist are now making history with this project that has been 2 years in the making. Marbles have now been lost across the globe and more are getting lost daily. You are invited on the adventure of a lifetime to hunt for treasures around the world.

On July 23, 2016 the adventure begins. The list of artist involved will continue to grow over time and will be updated regularly. Artists will begin posting their hides the first day of the hunt, July 23, 2016. Some artists will be posting teasers of the treasures they have lost. Join us on Facebook to get involved and prepare to find lost treasures.

Artists are encouraged to do a press release to get the local news involved in promoting the World's Biggest Treasure Hunt and getting people involved in the hunt. Together we will bring the awareness and love of marbles back to the public! If you are an artist or a collector we invite you to get involved and help promote marbles around the world.

Special hunts will be done periodically by artist at children's hospitals and other places where joy is needed. We encourage everyone to join us in paying it forward and using marbles to spread happiness.

Its time to lose your marbles!  To Join In On The Fun And Hunt Marbles Click Here

Updaded 7/06/2016 1:30 AM
164 Artists and Climbing!

Geoffrey Beetem
Filip Vogelpohl
Koichi Yajima
Hot House of Glass
Joshua Justice
Chad Parker
Dan Grumbling
Freddy Faerron
Andrew Groner
Andrew Gray
Eddie Seese
Carlos Montez
Brad Pearson
David P Salazar
Dan Neff
Bruce Troeh
Zach Strasburg
Fred Linders
Chris Haussler
Topher Reynolds
Vaughn Evans
Aaron West
Will Stuckenberg
Seth Bickis
Jae Hammett
Brennan Thorgerson
Kelley Johnson
Jay Slack
Mike LaChance
Casey Shonfield
CGS studios
Dirt Road Designs
Tod Brown
Jim Perkin Sr
Barbara Hinojosa
Juan Hinojosa
Blaine Allan Green
Kevin Leopold
Jason Holley
Bailey O'Neal Campbell
Jd Anderson
Will Tuttle
Bernhard Riegler
Fabien Jauget
Tabba Wonnell
Chad Christensen
Kevin Robbins
Veronique Southan
Richard Mollison
Justin McMillen
Dan Stephenson
Zariel Shore
Cassandra Joanne
Holly Counts
Anna Tillman
Cassandra Bline
Kylee Chapin
Jan Rigden-Clay
Koty Crabtree
Chris Geile
Skyler Lish
Kay Mavis-Jones
Cascadia Glassworks
Chris Wysner
Andrew Hanwright
Benjamin Cornwell
David Kingman
Molly Noon
Larry Cazes
Hillbilly Glass Shack
Sean Baker
Tom Eckman
Andrew Lazenby
Gerald Sankey
Kevin Sandt
Ryan Thomas
Ray Laubs
Matt Rowin
Cori Csongeto Ruszkowski
Peggy McLarnan
Jeff Mentuck
Anthony Fasano
David Klacza
Mike Bee
Cristina Morrow (Yinzer)
Scott Wright
Cathie Grant
Tuck Heebner
Ryan Lacovetsky
Benjamin Karpinski
Craig Snell
Jeremy J. Harrison
Stephen Harrison
Gina Karaba
Colin Richardson
Jared H
Michael Martinez
Steven Melter
Mitchells Craven
Justin Barrows
Jimmy Darnell
Keri Mullen
Yoshi Glass
Ronald DReagan
Brooke Weaver
Ben Moreau
C.j. Quitoriano
Travis Andrews
Diana Dunn
Hunter Skeen
Erica LaBella Andrews
Terry Ow-Wing
Rex Goulet
Donna Maritt Payne
Tyler Cowan
Robert Davis
Jesse Fisher
Mike Ozner
Austin Melton
Tena Rico
Rex Estrada
Marcy Early
Ann Spirek-Wierbinski
John Volpert Jr.
Garrett Brebes
Scott Meyer
Sandy Burnett
Brad Jesson
Harry Mibs Kravet
Ray Shakes
Rae Grout
Bill Grout
Joshua Stevens
Shayla Windstar Behrman
Brandon Frank
Ryane Frank
Bert Langan
Jeremy Dimig
Aaron Umbowers
Geoff Dobos
Bruce Jordan
Daniel Hanselman
Simon Walker
Cristi Na Yinzer
Tucker Heebner
Jim Perkin Sr.
Michael Rowles
Chris Kniffin
Jami Leigh
Mike Gross
Christopher Hanson
Korey Hutzell
Amy Byrd
Bobbie Gaspers Seese
Dove Dreddy
J McGhee Glassworks
Bruce Jordan
Kim Ly Patten
Natalie Sugarlumps Monkivitch
Studio 29
Dave Yarger Jr.
Breanna Daughtridge
Oacean Weaver
Dave Strobel
Paul Wosika
Achilles Jd Barnes
Patrick Dougherty
Darren Wagner
Riki York
Vallie Petrey
Cynthia Konow Brownell
















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