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Marble hunts and hids take place on social media groups like Facebook

How to Hunt for a Marble:

1. Check this page or search for posts that are listed as “LOST”
or hunts that have not been marked as “FOUND”. Remember to check the comments and make sure no one has claimed the marble yet.

2. If you recognize the pictured area or can solve the clues, then your hunt is on!

3. When searching areas, try to be a good ambassador and representative for marble hunting. Leave no trace, leaving everything better than you found it. Please be aware of private property lines, and obey all local laws, generally being a courteous citizen of the world, always respecting the environment you’re in.

4. We do not allow hunters to PM or direct message the hiders for more clues. The hunts are exactly as hard or as easy as the original hider deemed sufficient, and it's not fair to privately pressure them for more information. No cheating or favoritism. Please make everything fair for all hunters involved.

5. Remember that this is called marble “Hunting” and not marble “Finding”. Not every hunter will be successful at every hunt. Types of hunts and levels of difficulty will vary from person to person. Everyone needs to know their limits and take that into consideration when choosing which hunts are suited for them to go on. It’s a good life lesson and universal truth that we don’t always get what we want ... But this makes it even sweeter when you do eventually find a marble!

6. If you find a marble, please comment “FOUND” on the hunt post so the hider and others looking will know it is completed. It’s also nice to thank the hider and the artist.

7. This is an all-ages, family-friendly activity open to anyone who can play by the rules. Do not post negative comments. Treat others with respect and have fun. Show good sportsmanship and set a good example for others.

How to Hide and Post a Marble Hunt:

1. Take pictures of the marble. All marbles must be handmade from a nameable glass artist. The main goals of this project are to promote community and family while spreading the love of marbles and supporting the artists who make them.

2. Hide the marble in a safe location that hopefully will not be stumbled upon by folks not participating in the hunt. Please avoid locations that require risky climbing or potential injury. Digging and vegetation destruction are generally not permitted. Private property is not allowed unless you have permission.

3. Create your hunt. Clever clues, riddles, and general obfuscation are encouraged! This is your chance to create an adventure for others. Even a photo or map of a search area can create a challenging, fun hunt. Handmade marbles are true treasures and deserve a challenging hunt.

4. Post your hunt on Worlds Biggest Marble Hunt group page.
Your post MUST include a pic of the marble as well as the artist’s name.
Cross-posting in other groups and your private page are not allowed as this often leads to confusion.

5. Your written clues MUST include city or county & state, country etc. (This is needed so that your post will show up when someone searches your area) Post any additional clues or photos.
#1 Photo of Marble
#2 Artist Name
#3 General Location

6. Monitor your hunt, and enjoy the fun of watching other folks searching or working through the mystery!

7. Once your marble has been claimed, please edit your post with the word “FOUND” so other hunters will know it is completed.

8. Remember that this is a totally voluntary activity and is “challenge by choice” ....No one is required nor duty-bound to hunt or hide marbles, but there is a general attitude of “pay it forward” ....If you enjoyed hunting for a treasure, just imagine the pleasure of recreating that situation for someone else!

Marble Terms and Definitions:

● MARBLE – A marble is an awesome sphere of handmade glass.
● MIB - This is simply a slang term for a marble.
● LOST - When a marble has been lost and needs to be found.
● FOUND - When a marble has been found by a lucky marble hunter.
● TOKEN - Something hidden in the place of the marble to prevent marble from being taken.
● VFRA - Visible from Right Angle--This means you can see it if you’re looking in the right spot. For example, your head may need to be close to the ground to look up under a rock or log.
● COVERED - Covering is generally not encouraged. If something is completely covered, it may encourage others to move vegetation or dig things up looking for the marble. The exception is if you place your marble underneath something for its concealment. You can give photo clues showing exactly where it is hidden. The hunt still may be very hard. You still may have to search hard to find that certain rock, stick or root that the marble has been placed under.
● BURIED - Completely burying Marbles is generally not encouraged, except under certain circumstances. Generally, these circumstances require that you give the exact location so no damage is done to the area. For example, a photo clue saying the marble is next to this exact post slightly covered or in this exact spot on the beach or desert under the sand.
● MUGGLED – A marble has “gone missing” from its hiding place. This could be caused by someone who is not a member stumbling upon and finding it. This term should only be used by the hider once it is confirmed a marble is missing. Players should not suggest a marble is muggledjust because they cannot find it. A muggle is not always a bad thing if you put a card with your marble explaining that they found a special treasure that is a unique piece of handmade art and invite them to the group. They may be excited when they find the treasure and join the group to report it found! We have gotten lots of new members because of this!
● DECOYS – Machine made or mass-produced marbles that are added to a hunt to enhance the experience. These have little to no value but are fun for kids and can be used as clues to the location.
● CYBER HUNT - A virtual marble hunt that requires the hunter to find a location. Often the marble is not at the location and is mailed to the winner.

● SPECIALTY HUNTS - May be allowed for certain groups, like kids, veterans, first responders or new hunters/rookie hunters to help them out.
● FIRST TIMER HUNT - A hunt that is geared toward a member that has not yet found their first marble or marbles.
● ROOKIE HUNT – Hiders can specify hunters have 5, 10 or 15 finds in order to participate in the hunt.
● KIDS ONLY HUNT - A hunt that is meant for the younger members. Adults should only give advice and let the kids do what they do best!
● TRASH HUNTS - A Marble hunt that encourages people to pick up trash or clean up an area for clues. Many times, the creator of the hunt will ask for a picture of the hunters with the trash they have picked up. In exchange, they will give a clue for everyone on the hunt.
This is a great way for marble hunters to help the community by helping clean up community parks and recreation areas that need attention. Follow our motto: leave things better than you found them.
● CHARITY HUNTS - Special hunts that are organized by group or community leaders. These hunts must be approved by the page Admins. For example, we have done Toys For Tots charity hunts that may require you to bring a toy in exchange for admission to the hunt. Generally, charging anything for a hunt is prohibited unless it is for charity.

Things Not Allowed on FB Page
NO PRIVATE HIDES - A hide intended only for the individual named. Private hunts are best done on an individual, personal page. They generally take up room on the community page, and they are not for everyone to enjoy.

NO Traveling Marbles - This puts the focus on one person or artist and does not encourage paying-it-forward and the giving spirit that we encourage. It also does not allow the recipient to keep the marble or treasure hidden.

NO F1H1 – Find 1 Hide 1--Does not encourage the true community spirit of paying-it-forward. It encourages trading more like geocaching. This has killed many hunting groups and does not support artists.

NO Asking for hunts. Please do not ask for hunts in your area. Artists and hiders are doing their best to spread marble hunts all over the world. You may have to travel to hunt for a nice marble. If marble hunting is not active in your area, hide a marble. They will come! This is how it starts!

No Charging money for hunts.

No sales, advertising, auctions or contests without the approval of page Admins.

No hiding in stores, shopping malls or businesses without approval from moderators. You will also have to acquire permission from the owners of the business.

No hiding at your personal residence or yard. This is not a public place and gets creepy.

How to use tokens! Tokens can be used for high value marbles or if muggling has been a problem in your area.

A token is a great alternative to actually hiding the marble in the search area. Hide the token just the same as you would hide the marble. When the winner finds the token, they can post a photo verifying that they found it on the hunt. Then you can tell them where to go for the Marble. You can place the marble nearby, away from the search area, telling the winner exactly where to go to retrieve the marble. Other options include mailing the marble to the winner or leaving it at a prearranged public destination such as a studio or local business which has agreed to hold the marble for the winner to pick up.

Just remember, if hiding the marble at a different location, make sure that nobody sees you hide it! This would defeat the purpose.

Welcome to Worlds Biggest Marble Hunt! Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! You are now a part of history. Please read the rules and guidelines. Have fun, and pay it forward.

Group membership is open to everyone who enjoys glass and wants to participate. Spread the word and invite your friends to join! Everything that gets posted is up for grabs: free art for all! This group was started for people to share these amazing pieces of art with others.

Remember, as you are having fun finding treasures, pay it forward and hide some marbles for others, too. This group is designed to involve men, women, and children, so please keep everything family-friendly. I want to thank everyone that keeps this amazing project going for others, Will Stuckenberg

We reserve the right to remove any members or families who do not follow the rules or stay within the guidelines. The most important thing is to show respect for others and have fun!

For more information on the Worlds Biggest Marble Hunt, please visit:

For more tips, tricks, and tutorials on how to find and hide marbles, visit our YouTube page

To join in on the fun on FaceBook and hunt for marbles click here.

Topher Reynolds

There are a lot of amazing artist to buy handmade marbles from we always suggest supporting the artists that have supported marble hunting by adding to the treasure to help promote public awareness. Artists List

Please do not ask artist to donate marbles, the point of marble hunting is to support and promote artist by buying and collecting the amazing work they make. Many artists have already gone above and beyond to add marbles to the treasure hunt to be part of this history we all get to enjoy.

If you cannot afford to purchase marbles to hide you can always find them for free and then re-hide them!
Once you have a marble you are now ready to hide it make yourself familiar with the rules above.
We have also posted several video that explain how to hide marbles!

Glass Orbits

Black Market Marbles

Marbles & Things

Marble Collectors Page

Moon Marble Company


You can also look up artist on Facebook and Instagram to buy directly

Be careful when buying on ebay, and Etsy always verify the artist of the marble.  There are unfortunately many mass produced toy marbles being sold as handmade.

What Not To Buy or Hide

Unfortunately there are sellers on eBay and Etsy that are dishonest and will sell machine made marbles as handmade or others that are mass produced in China for toy stores.
Please do your research before buying and hiding.

Here is a list of sellers whose marbles are not allowed in our group.
 These are not real artist:
Bootlegger Glass
Drews Coins
Akro Agates
Traci Loche

This list is NOT all inclusive - Do Your Research Please!
One thing to keep in mind is if it seems really inexpensive then chances are it is machine made or mass produced made in China.


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