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Welcome to the adventure!

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Group membership is open to everyone who enjoys glass and wants to participate. So spread the word and invite your Facebook friends to join!

Everything that gets posted is up for grabs: free art for all!

This group was started for marble artist and collectors to share these amazing pieces of art with others, not for profit.

Remember as you are having fun finding treasures to pay it forward and hide some marbles for others too.

This group is designed to involve men, women, and children so please keep everything family friendly.

Any inappropriate post or comment will be deleted and you will receive a message from a group moderator regarding it.

If there is ever a question, comment, or problem with a hunt or a member of the group please message a moderator.

Do not post negative comments or accusations on the page.

Any problems will be addressed by a  moderator privately with the parties involved.

Rules will be updated accordingly. 


Choose a handmade marble you would like to pass on for someone to enjoy

Note: When hiding a marble please make sure to list your state, city, country or region at the top of your post. With thousands of posts this will make it easier to use the search feature to find a hunt in their area.

All items must be rated E for everyone (any inappropriate items such as smoke ware will be deleted)

Take a photo of the marble or token and the general location where it is hid. Then write a post with all the details the hunter will need to find your marble. At the top of your post please tag it as lost with the state or region. (example Lost in New Mexico - United States) For additional tips, help and to see example hunts visit How To Lose Your Marbles

Marbles should be hid so that without the clues they would not be found to prevent outsiders from taking the marble.

Please make sure the marble is located in a safe and accessible area

If you are hiding on private property make sure you have the owners permission for a hunt to take place there.

Machine made or Decoy marbles can be hid as additions to the hunt, however the main treasure always needs to be a handmade marble.

Due to the value or for the protection of the marble some artists or members may hide a token is place of the marble that when the token is found the hider will ship the actual marble to the finder.

Hides must not be posted outside of this page! Hides must be posted on this group page only! Clues or hunt information about your hunt may not be posted outside of this group. For Example: do not post your marble hunt on another hunting page or your own personal Facebook page. The reason for this is that if the marble gets found by someone not in this group it may get reported and then others will be searching not knowing that the marble has been found. To keep it fair and fun we want to make sure all clues and information is only on this page.




Find a post marked "Lost" that is suitable for you skill level.

Not all hunts are for everyone, some hunts will be advanced.

Always follow all rules of the hunt location such as times they are open.

Always be respectful to the hunt location. Never dig or remove any landscaping.

If you find a marble you need to immediately post it as found on the original post by posting a picture of the treasure you have found. If you find a token hunt follow the instructions on the hunt of how to claim the marble from the hider.

To Join In On The Fun And Hunt Marbles Click Here

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For more information on How to Lose Your Marbles go to our Facebook help page.



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