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Welcome to The World’s Biggest Marble Hunt’s Newsroom and Media Kit


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Target Audience: Anyone and everyone who loves an adventure.
This event happens all over the world, and most likely in your home town.
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If you are an artist involved in The Worlds Biggest Marble Hunt please use these press releases to give your local media your information about your involvement in making history. Please fill your information in before submitting.  Artist Release 1 - PDF         Artist Release 2 - PDF
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Area marble-makers roll into massive hunt

Marble hunt coming to the Far North
A real life treasure hunt for beautiful marbles will commence throughout the world on July 23

I'm excited to announce the Marble issue of the Flow magazine published the story on The World's Biggest Marble Hunt!
This is very exciting and going to bring people in from all across the marble and glass world to join us to hide marbles around the world!
To read about this please contact the Flow to get your subscription if you have not already got one


Who We Are and What We Do
The World’s Biggest Marble Hunt was created to draw attention to artists and bring in new and existing collectors, in a fun, free, and historical event to celebrate National Marble Day on July 23rd.

Artists and collectors worldwide have joined this previously unmatched historic event. Over 10,000 marbles will be hidden. Making this the biggest scavenger hunt in marble making history. And you are a part of it.

Some of the top artists in the industry will be hiding their marbles for you to find.

Quick Facts

National Marble Day is on July 23rd

This event Worlds Biggest Marble Hunt is free and everybody is invited to participate

Over 10,000 marbles will be hidden

Over 165 artist and climbing everyday

This is an unmatched historic event for collectors and artists alike

In the past year alone, Facebook Group Black Market Marbles grew from 0 to over 13,000 members. Marbles & Things has added more than 5,000 members in the last few months. There are many more Facebook Groups and Instagram Accounts – these numbers are only the beginning and they’re expected to skyrocket in 2016/2017.

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